Our Programme

Sustainable Accelerator offers a 1y growth programme to all investee companies. Our experience in building startups again and again has taught us the value of executing certain tasks exceptionally well. Here's what we know helps:




Our companies gain access to Sustainable Ventures' suite of Portfolio Services during their year-in-residence, and are encouraged to leverage them alongside the Accelerator programme. They ensure CEOs focus their time on building a powerful product, not on repetitive generalist tasks.




Our relationship with Sustainable Workspaces lets us place portfolio companies into the UK's largest sustainability cluster. We believe residence there means far more than desk space - it means better networks, more learning experiences, and a greater chance of success.


Sustainable Ventures have worked closely with Powervault to provide invaluable support in many areas. Their specialist skills complement our team – allowing us to focus on rapidly growing the business.
— Joe Warren, CEO Powervault