We invest in promising, sustainable, early stage businesses, in sectors creating significant impact in the fight against climate change.



Rovco streamlines subsea surveys for the offshore renewables and oil decommissioning markets.

Their innovative technology and service solutions offer real-time 3D surveying with onboard AI analysis, delivering better monitoring, clearer visualisation, and deeper insights than laser based solutions predominant in the industry.



AirEx builds smart air vents, which may immediately save users 15% on their total energy use.

Their product is a smart ventilation control with sensors that measure atmospheric conditions, and cloud based algorithms that automatically regulate air flow. The product can be retrofitted simply and cheaply across a property, and optimise air flow for minimal heat loss and damp, while improving air quality.



DryGro grows low-cost, high protein animal feed using 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

An agricultural tech startup initially developed at Oxford University, DryGro grapples with the increasing water resource demands of global agriculture. The company grows animal feed in arid climates, using circular reuse systems. The product is trialing in Kenya, and offers a solution capable of reducing pressure on water tables across the world.


petit pli

Petit Pli envisages a world using 85% less material on childrenswear, made possible by innovative pleating technology.

Petit Pli uses innovative pleating mechanisms to create strong, durable, folds capable of expanding and contracting a variety of materials - while retaining design integrity. Their first products are a high quality children's outerwear jacket and trouser, able to accommodate children through seven sizes. The clothing is lightweight, waterproof and breathable.



Masterfilter improves the longevity and cost effectiveness of offshore wind turbines across the world.

Offshore wind turbine gearboxes fail at an alarming rate, and remain one of the most prevalent operating costs for wind farms - a single gearbox failure and replacement can cost upwards of £500k. Masterfilter’s filtration technology is able to clean oil significantly better than other filters, improving the longevity of gearboxes that commonly fail due to debris buildup.



AutoTrip simplifies and automises business mileage reclaims for vehicle fleet managers.

96% of UK drivers manually record their mileage as part of their reclaim process, leading to inaccurate statistics, missed claims, and HMRC non-compliance. AutoTrip offers a fully automated solution capable of producing quick, accurate, and tax compliant reports – and can significantly reduce fleet carbon emissions through optimised fleet management.


food clubs

Food Clubs makes hyperlocal community purchasing and logistics easier and cheaper for sustainable groceries.

Through an online platform, Food Clubs directly connects producers and wholesalers to local communities, removing multiple layers of cost in the food supply chain, offering savings of up to 50% while improving price transparency and product quality. By reducing these multiple layers of friction, the company can offer ethical purchasing at discounted prices.