We are sustainability veterans

We are successful Entrepreneurs and experienced Venture Capitalists. Leverage our industry networks, experience, and capital to get your start-up from idea to exit.


Verticals we believe in

We invest in all kinds of sustainability companies, but here are a few themes we are bullish on.


Our Offer: Investment + 1Y Growth Programme

We provide more than just capital. Along with equity investment, we offer a 1y programme of expert support, strategy planning, and industry networks.


We believe one size doesn't fit all

That's why our investment team spends time understanding your capital requirements. We offer equity investments on negotiable terms to help you grow.


    Advice, services & networks for sustainability

    Founders have enough on their plates in building great products; let us provide some unfair advantages vs. competition with:

    Experienced mentors: 1-on-1 support from proven industry veterans

    Portfolio services: to help you grow quicker than competitors

    Ready-made network: leverage our deep network to your advantage


    What We Look For



    Our Team


    Andrew Wordsworth

    Over 15 years’ experience as an MD, Andrew has raised £250m+ of equity commitments, and delivered the first successful crowdfunding exit.

    Peter Shortt

    Peter holds over 30y experience in Venture Capital. As CIO of Carbon Trust Investment Partners,  IPOs included CMR & Ceres Power.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 6.57.45 PM.png

    Susannah McClintock

    Susannah holds 20y experience in startup development and finance, having raised more than £30m in equity into portfolio ventures.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 8.49.25 PM.png

    Arjune Shukla

    Arjune holds prior experience in natural resources private equity and policy, and studied that interface whilst at Johns Hopkins & Cambridge.



    Our Network Becomes Your Network

    Relationships help facilitate partnerships, raise capital, and drive exits. Our portfolio companies lean on our established sustainability network to grow faster.



    Join Us

    Be considered for funding and acceleration.


    The Sustainable Ventures management team know how to build strong companies and once you’re in, they will support you and make introductions where needed. They have the experience and reputation in the industry to make any partnership or advice worth investigating further.
    — Peter Davies, CEO, Green Running